Chiron in Aries Leads to Benefits



Chiron unlocks the 12th house desire of wanting to transcend your conscious identity. Yet, simultaneously, you face the predicament of the yearning to hold onto your individuality. Both of these intentions link you to the notion of feeling whole. This is applicable to your internal world as well as inter-connectedness to others. During the merging process you gain a greater understanding of who you are or who you could be. The same applies to when you have a spiritual awakening.

As unifying as this nirvana may sound, it actually hides the injury to your core identity. Aries is strongly associated with having a well defined ego. But Chiron punctures this because of its placement there. The last house of the zodiac allows you to close the door on the outside world. By returning home there are choices to be made about whether or not you want to tend to the wound.

Sometimes the thought of facing the pain is too overwhelming which leads to avoiding it via escapist activities. However, Saturn in Aquarius helps to redirect you. It forms a sextile to Chiron which aids your ability to reconstruct your personality. In addition to helping you reshape your relationships with authority figures, by reclaiming your power. When you do this you’ll notice negative associations with the wound will begin to disappear.

Venus’ encouraging connection to Chiron rebalances how you see and value yourself and other people. Strangers could become acquaintances or friends. Either way, through these new alliances they could fill your life with inspiration, rich encounters or business opportunities. The regeneration of your life is equally supported by the association between Pluto and the Moon. The latter is in the 7th house, which repeats the message that benefits will come through relationships. Therefore, embrace everyone you meet from across the social spectrum.

Quote of the Day — Caroline Myss

”The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”



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Bybreen Samuels

I write about Ageing, Astrology, A.I and Web 3.0, to help improve your emotional wellbeing & raise awareness of how tech is transforming our lives.