Conversations with Bite


If you find that your conversations are peppered with penetrating bite, that’s because Mercury moved into Scorpio. Here, it gives you x-ray vision into people’s motivations which are helped by your perceptive observations. This can lead you to take a fixed position with whatever conclusions you come up with.

However, be mindful that you could come across as though you are browbeating others into your point of view. The words you use have the potential to wound. This is highlighted by Mercury’s troublesome connection to Chiron in Aries.

Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio, so the inclination to use force is heightened. But, if the tendency to attack floats onto your horizon, bite your tongue. In this situation, Mars can be your friend instead of your foe. Use its current retrograde energy to consider:

  1. How can I assert my findings in a way that doesn’t attack someone’s credibility or identity?

At 17 degrees of Libra, Venus is moving away from its opposition with Mars. This suggests that you can tactfully, yet, directly speak your mind. Because of the Venusian influence, you can hold your position and create space for others to be heard.