Notre Dame ‘Speaks’ Astrology

Notre Dame Cathedral, the historic and cultural edifice, caught alight like a firecracker. France weeps and the rest of the World gasped in horror. This tragedy raises questions such as ‘how and why did this happen? Prosecutors have launched an investigation which may provide answers in due course. In the meantime, I offer you some astrological insights to ponder on. As the ‘Grandfather’ of Spoken Word, Gil Scott Heron famously sang, “The revolution will not be televised, it will be live.”

A planetary revolution has been taking place since 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. In 2017, it was joined by Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Lastly, the South Node of the Moon created a triad there, in November 2018. Capricorn represents maintaining the status quo, conservatism, old structures, institutions, governments and authority figures.

Conversely, Pluto speaks to destruction, regeneration, the use and misuse of power, transformation and rebirth. And the South Node presents an opportunity to finally let go of the past and karmic patterns. By doing so you can evolve in the direction of the North Node.

These placements create a conundrum because Saturn wants to preserve the tried and tested. Whereas, Pluto calls for a complete transformation. The South Node currently falls in between these planets. Consequently, there is a choice to be made. Do you break free from the past and move into the next iteration of your life? Or, do you want to preserve and maintain what you are familiar with because you fear change?

The Fire could be viewed as an allegorical event. So far we know renovation work started because of cracks in the building and crumbling brickwork. This was caused by the polluted environment and the fumes continue to eat away the stone. This state of affairs is mirrored by Neptune which represents many things including, unseen noxious substances. Neptune has been in Pisces, the sign it rules, since 2012 and will be there until 2026. Therefore, yesterday’s event could be taken as a wake up call for all of us to reconsider how we treat each other and relate to our planet. Some car manufacturers are beginning to take heed as we’re seeing a rise in the production of ‘green vehicles’. They’re designed to have a less harmful impact on our surroundings.

The date of the Fire is significant as the blaze happened on April 15th 2019. This is the same day as the planetary Grand Fire Trine. In this case it means that there was an alignment of three planets, Jupiter, the Sun and Moon in fire signs. Namely, Jupiter in Sagittarius, the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Leo. Collectively, they cause a combustion of energy that could propel you in a new and inspirational direction. Or, where you self destruct because of excessive behaviour. This is so, particularly because the energies of Jupiter and the Sun are heightened. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the Sun is exalted in Aries. But before you can take off in another direction, you have to scorch, burn or singe old identities, philosophies and emotions.

Since 2008, we have witnessed and experienced challenges to authority figures and institutions. These range from the; economic downturn, Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Wikileaks, Grenfell Tower, Brexit, the Boston Catholic Church sex abuse allegations, France’s Yellow Vest protests and today’s climate change demonstration, in London.

All of these events speak to the fragmentation and mistrust of the powers that be. There’s a loss of faith in governments and decision makers regarding the mismanagement of resources, democracies, economies and human rights. This schism visibly shows the growing assertion of individual and collective voices who are reclaiming their power.

With Jupiter leading the way in Sagittarius, it really is time to follow the compass of your ‘inner’ guru. The more you are able to integrate and practice your wisdom, is the more you’ll make sense of the world. In turn this will lead you to become your own authority.

Jupiter is retrograding through Sagittarius over the next four months. As a result, you are presented with another opportunity to reflect on your position and personal philosophy. By grounding your life in this way, you deepen your gravitas and ability to discern the truth. Investing time now will help you stand on a solid foundation. You’re going to need this when the planetary clash of titans between Saturn and Pluto happens on January 6th 2020. They will form a perfect conjunction when they’ll both be positioned at 22 degrees of Capricorn.

Will you be prepared for the battle between the ‘old guard’ representing conservative and traditional practices versus the conscious co-creators of our world? Which side of history will you be standing on? Hopefully, you’ll be a phoenix that rises from the ashes, ready for a new cycle of life. And carrying with you, your new found personal power gained from Pluto and Jupiter. The birds fleeing the burning spire in this photo possibly symbolise your future direction.




I write about Ageing, Astrology, A.I and Web 3.0, to help improve your emotional wellbeing & raise awareness of how tech is transforming our lives.

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Bybreen Samuels

Bybreen Samuels

I write about Ageing, Astrology, A.I and Web 3.0, to help improve your emotional wellbeing & raise awareness of how tech is transforming our lives.

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