Review Time with the Mutable Grand Cross



The last day of the month brings the Nodes into focus as the Moon completes the Mutable Grand Cross, in Virgo. This configuration involves the luminary opposing Neptune in Pisces. In addition to the North Node in Gemini versus the South Node in Sagittarius. The Nodes signify looking back into the past and working towards your future evolution. Now that we’ve arrived at the end of January, it would be a good time to review your New Year intentions.

  1. Are you on track with the goals / resolutions that you set for yourself?

If you’ve managed to do so, well done. If you haven’t, the Grand Cross shows you where you’re possibly at odds with your ideals. The New Year season occurs when the Sun is in Capricorn, which is a cardinal sign. So the engine of wanting to start something new is revved up and you’re ready to take action. However, now the Sun is in Aquarius, where it meets this mutable conflict.

On the one hand you want to stablise what was started with the chance to make adaptations. This is a positive use of the energy. Conversely, restlessness or boredom has now crept in, but you don’t want to confront what’s happening. This means that you’ve fallen into the territory of the Moon opposite Neptune. If you follow this path it will increasingly become more difficult to manifest your original dreams.

Take the temperature of your life and assess whether you want to remain goal orientated. If you don’t then becoming more flexible by living in the moment, could be a better choice. By making this trade off, you’re called to examine a part of your core nature.

2. Are you’re someone who naturally takes a laissez-faire approach and can live with inconsistency?

3. Or, do you prefer to work in a more structured and focused way?

Mars in Taurus helps you to figure this out. The strategist and action taker feed into the Cross because of it trines the Moon in Virgo. A way forward, is to continue working on plans that you value and are emotionally attached to.

Quote of the Day — Soren Kierkergaard

“Life can be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”