Saturn Square Uranus — If Truth Be Told…….

Bybreen Samuels
2 min readFeb 17, 2021



Have you structured your life in such a way that you thought was difficult to change? If you have, then the square between Saturn and Uranus, bring you a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment. They challenge you to examine the rigid patterns that you’ve engraved into your life. This could include putting up with unfavourable situations and toxic people. You know the burden is too heavy to carry. Yet, the more you do, your inner turmoil increases.

Saturn and Uranus sit at opposite ends of your internal scales. Preserving the status quo of your situation, means Saturn continues to manage your life. You may have bought into the mantra of , ‘commitment lasts forever, no matter the circumstance.’ Whereas, Uranus tips the scale by provoking you to explore the truth or lie behind this statement. The planet of transformation wants to spring you from your existing prison.

The time has really come for you to ‘rock the boat’ of your life. Are you ready? If you lean too heavily in Saturn’s favour, your fear of change will prevent you from upsetting the apple cart. The outcome of this is that you’ll internalise your frustrations and physically, they’ll have a negative effect on your nerves. You can strike a balance by looking through the lens of seeking creative change without leading a devastating revolution.

Your rebellion simply starts with brutal honesty about whatever, you’re going through. Look in the mirror, meet your own eyes and confess your truth. By practising this lucid and profound act, you’ll gain the courage to take on what needs to be handled. Release everything that doesn’t work for you. If you fail to undertake the necessary changes, your problems could be magnified in seven years time. This is because Saturn will either be opposing or forming a conjunction with Uranus.

Quote of the Day — Drew Brees

“Anyone can see the adversity in difficult situations, but it takes a stronger person to see the opportunity.”



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