Smooth Out Your Relationships


The imprint of love continues to swim within your gut feelings. The Sun and the asteroid, Juno, in Scorpio provide the container for you to dive deep. They want you to explore the intensity and the contours of your relationship.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn present you with an opportunity. Here, you have the chance to redefine and enjoy the bounty of treasure that you find within. All of the placements are in signs that deal with the use or misuse of power. Pluto is the bridge that connects them because it naturally rules Scorpio. And since 2008, it has been finding ways to transform conventional structures relating to power and control.

Take up this invitation to examine how you can share and balance power in your relationship. You can apply this to your friendships and networks as well. This will be good practice for when Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, in December. We’ll all experience the distinctive shift regarding the redistribution of power, in favour of the masses.

The cycle of reflection and rebirth is nicely accented by the Sun and Juno’s connection to Neptune. In Pisces, it brings the essence of compassion and unity into your relationships. It removes the tendency of Scorpio and Capricorn wanting to control situations. Now, they are replaced with compliments and spiritual love.

  1. What type of magical moment can your create for your relationship?