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Bybreen Samuels
3 min readMay 17, 2021

Weekly Horoscope — W/C May 16th — 22nd 2021

There are two key planetary movements to pay attention to this week. Firstly, the Sun ingresses into Gemini, on Friday. Followed by Saturn’s retrograde journey back through Aquarius, starting on Saturday. The Lord of Time moves from 13 degrees to 6 degrees, over the next four and a half months. Both planets point to the relationship that you have with authority. In terms of the Sun, this relates to the level of control you have over yourself. It’s super useful to have a handle this because it helps frame who you are.

Whereas, Saturn leads you to think about how seriously you consider yourself as an expert. This doesn’t necessarily mean in an authoritarian way. But it has more to do with how comfortable you’re able to operate in maybe uniquely structured environments. Between now and October 9th, you’ll have time to explore how you can reconfigure this engagement. The Sun and Saturn are both in air signs, where Mercury is extremely comfortable. So exercise your mind by thinking about fluid and innovative ways to inform your choices.

As Saturn regresses backwards, it’s long running square with Uranus will change. This is because Uranus is currently in direct motion and gains strength over Saturn. This will certainly continue until in retrogrades on August 19th. Over the next few months you may feel increasing pressure to break away from rigid and familiar life patterns. Now is a great time to ditch behaviours that have given you a safety blanket. As comforting as they may be, they’re not enabling your growth. This is the conundrum that these planets are urging you to resolve.

You may want to take a leaf out of the ‘Sun trine Pluto’ book. Because before the Sun changes sign, it forms a powerful earth connection with Pluto in Capricorn. Together they signal resilience, strength and insights to survive and thrive during and after transitions. Their alliance is formed at 26 degrees which equate to you having a deeper understanding of your intrinsic value. Therefore, don’t squander it due to fearfulness of the supposed unknown.

Once the Sun takes up residency in Gemini, courage and confidence are signalled again. This time because of the sextile it forms with the Leo Ascendant. These qualities are attraction magnets, so why not use them to start glowing? Furthermore, the Ascendant moves into an applying trine to the Midheaven conjunct Chiron, in Aries. Your life is emboldened with the fire energy of dynamism and charisma. Chiron, in particular, helps you to reposition yourself in your career with a strengthened sense of yourself. In turn, this helps to enhance your leadership qualities.

PS: I’d love to hear how you’re applying the shifts to your life. Feel free to leave a comment.

Quote of the Week — Irene Kassorla

“The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”



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