The Moon Throws a Curve Ball

Bybreen Samuels
2 min readFeb 7, 2021



Are you feeling out of step with trends that are emerging from the zeitgeist? Meaning that you seem to miss salient opportunities that could advance your goals. One reason for this is due to the Moon’s close encounter with the South Node in Sagittarius. Maybe you’re being nostalgic by holding steadfast onto ideologies that have survived the test of time. And you’re thinking, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ However, the mantra is being called into question because the more you hold onto this, increases the likelihood of self-sabotage.

The Moon is in the 8th house, which involves joint resources. This context shows the different relationships with others. Are you in or out of tune with their needs? It’s important to know where you stand because you could be a custodian or beneficiary of certain assets. The Moon is a feminine, receptive and protective planet. But it can be overly preoccupied with the past. If people want to support you, it will be difficult for them if you maintain a reverence for yesteryear. The more you do this, is evidence of your mis-timing. When events don’t go your way, it will be due to you blocking your own blessings.

The Sun which represents your conscious identity, turns into your hero. Its friendship with the South and North Node, by sextile and trine, allows you to work constructively. Your benefactors will appreciate that you’ve taken time to understand their social and ethical mores. The sextile between Mercury and the Moon complete the good feeling vibe. They fully open up communications for you to share your thoughts and feelings with everyone concerned.

Quote of the Day — Vironika Tugaleva

“We are like puzzle pieces who are perfectly suited to make a giant picture together, but we are assembling ourselves in the dark.”



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