Tune Up Your Personal Ding!



Your personal ‘ding’ maybe out of tune as the Moon strikes a discordant note with the Sun and Jupiter. In terms of the luminaries, the Moon is in a much stronger position because it rules Cancer. Domesticity in all forms wants to take precedence. A trip down the memory lane of your emotional past that relates to family, could be useful. It’s time to question the universal family truths that you’re tied to following.

  1. Are you weighed down or liberated by them?

The Moon is in its Gibbous phase, moving towards the Leo Full Moon, in two days. The current position beckons you to have a deeper understanding of your family life. Take advantage of the Aquarian Sun’s awkward connection to the Moon by finding the objective principles from your encounters. In the cool light of mature reflections, how can you now express them with more assurance?

The Gibbous Moon is a time for you to confidently show and share your realisations. It’s sextile to Mars and Uranus in Taurus, further embeds this. However, Jupiter in Aquarius challenges your faith and courage because of its uncoordinated contact with the Moon. The misunderstanding concerns the notion of family.

Jupiter wants you to remain optimistic about the collective family narrative, which you’re part of. But unless you take on board your personal story you may not relate healthily to Jupiter’s vision. Mars and Uranus remind you of this tension because they are squaring the Aquarian planets including Saturn. Whereas the Moon’s relationship to these planets is gentler, the other two planets are more abrasive.

2. How will you handle facing familial truths with your own opinions, even in the face of objections?

Quote of the Day — Itayi Garande

“Wisdom starts when you know yourself. You will realise that everything aligns itself perfectly when you live your truth, break limiting habits and challenge yourself daily.”