Three out of the five personal planets are in sync. They are brought together by the sextile involving Capricorn and Pisces. The Capricorn Moon quenches its thirst on the watery Sun / Venus conjunction. In turn, you’ll feel an inner security as your values, emotions and compassionate identity, easily fuse together.

Neptune increases this sense of unity because of its close alliance to the other planets in Pisces. Due to its rulership of the sign, it has a very strong influence. You’re naturally drawn into exploring the deeper dimensions of your life. As you evolve, the notion of ‘what makes you tick’ should be up for review. Now is as good time to gently examine your motivations and behaviours. This is more of a feeling exercise as opposed to a thinking one.

The Capricorn Moon helps you to trust whatever comes up. The earth element gives form and safely contains any sensitivities. They present two ways to handle them. Firstly, work out how you can protect yourself against people who you find exhausting. Conversely, share your love and care for friends or relatives who are hurting. The signature of these planets enables you to comfortably put your needs to one side to show your compassionate nature.

Pluto’s partnership with the Moon takes you further along the path of self inquiry. Even though you have the capacity to care for others, seek out ways to learn more about yourself. Is there an idea or obsession running around in your mind, that you can’t seem to shake off? If there is, use this transit to dig deeper to transform it and then become the Phoenix that rises.

Quote of the Day — Winston Churchill

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”