Virgo Full Moon



It’s that time of the month where your life needs decluttering so you can welcome in a new season. Spring officially kicks off on March 20th, which is the beginning of another astrological year. Are you confused about where to start spring cleaning? Don’t worry, as this Virgoan luminary certainly points you in the right direction. It wants you to deal with the issues that have been swept under the carpet. They’re buried there because you may have been overwhelmed, fearful or uncertain on how to deal with them.

The Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon, so you could be enticed to continue avoiding the problems. But what good would that do? As you know, whatever is repressed, will eventually find an undermining outlet. Rather than inviting further tension into your world, comb through the fine details of it. Virgo is a stickler for the specifics, therefore use it to take a forensic look at what’s not working.

The Moon’s 9 degree placement arouses the need to review the meta points of view that you’re holding onto. It falls within the 1st decan of Virgo, which is covered by Mercury. Given it’s the ruler of Virgo, Mercury adds more pressure for you to think critically. Consider whether the views you hold are outdated and could be the reason why you can’t move on.

Beyond the opposition with the Sun, the Moon is the apex planet in a Yod with Chiron sextile Saturn. Yods can be tricky to handle. The reason being is since the leading planet, namely the Moon, has a disjointed way of connecting to the other planets. The energies are just not linking up in a fluid way.

Having said this, the Yod does have its strengths. Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Aquarius, do add value that can propel you. They show now is a good time to take yourself seriously and heal the core wound to your identity. This satisfying journey will empower you to lift up the carpet and take a new broom to sweep it clean. Then you can organise yourself in a meaningful way.

Quote of the Day — Barbara Hemphill

“Clutter is nothing more than delayed decision making.”



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Bybreen Samuels

I write about Ageing, Astrology, A.I and Web 3.0, to help improve your emotional wellbeing & raise awareness of how tech is transforming our lives.